The Results are IN

This past May we held our fourth BIG-SIT fundraising event over the Memorial Day weekend.  Two crazy birders (Station Co-directors) spent seventeen hours (4 a.m. to 9 p.m.) atop a roof in order BIG-SIT-pre-sunriseto tally, over every hour, every species of bird that they could identify by sight or sound.

All for a good cause (the renovation of Malcolm Hall, our education and administration building) and to document the incredible avian diversity that is possible to witness by just staying put in one place on the refuge.  Our very ‘green’ version of a Birdathon.

Seventeen Hours later… Now to get down from the roof!

The grand total itself came to SIXTY-NINE!

Not bad for a mostly sunny (heat haze) end-of-May day without as much nearby wetlands compared to previous years (lower winter snowfall level). Our thanks go out to our dedicated data scribers and caffine providers!  And a big THANK-YOU to our participating donors who pledged their support!

We have put the resulting data in graph form for your interest.




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