The “Big Sit”

The Return of the ‘Big Sit” !The event of the season is coming up just one month from now.  Our novel ‘Big Sit” fundraiser returns once again to that star-struck stage (our rooftop deck, to be precise) for a repeat performance for a great cause. This fun-filled,fund-raising event will spotlight a worthy
gifneed at the Station, namely to improve the condition and educational value of Malcolm Hall.The “Big Sit” can be described as an endurance test of birding.  From predawn to the pitch-dark hours of one day, observational data will be collected that gives insights into bird movements and breeding activities from one site in a very ‘green’ manner.  Not only is it a conservation-conscious birding marathon, but it is designed to be engaging and fun! Take a turn at being a”‘scribbler”‘ or become a member of the caffeine-delivery team, staying for a cup yourself, as the Station Directors record as many species as detected over each and every hour of the event.gif(1)The most important contribution you could make, of course, would be to become a sponsor of these crazed biologists.  By pledging an amount per bird species recorded (tallied at the end of the day), the real success of this event will be result of your response and generosity.
WIN an original landscape painting!For every $1 per species you pledge, one ticket with your name on it will be placed in our Raffle, to be awarded during our ‘Supporter’s Appreciation Day‘ in September 2015.
Email us at today with your pledge of support!

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