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The Malheur Field Station is an environmental education facility located in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on land leased from the refuge on a renewable 25 year contract. The Malheur Field Station receives no tax-based funding and is run by The Great Basin Society, Inc., an Oregon-based nonprofit corporation. The Malheur Field Station is supported by the public through fees and donations as well as by regional foundations through grants. The staff who operate the Malheur Field Station are private-sector employees and are not compensated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.

The Malheur Field Station has operated since 1971 at a former Civilian Youth Job Corps training facility. The buildings were deeded by the federal government to a consortium of regional colleges and universities in 1971. The facility became the property of The Great Basin Society in 1987. Building contents are private property owned either by the corporation or resident staff. We are confident that the private property rights of the Great Basin Society and its staff, who are citizens and residents of Harney County, will be respected at this time.

The Malheur Field Station’s educational mission is the study of natural history in the Great Basin Desert. Each year, over 2,500 people of all ages, from middle and high schools, colleges and universities, natural history organizations, Road Scholar groups, and scientific organizations spend from two to ten nights per year, using the station as their base for exploration of the Great Basin ecosystem. Most visitors come from the Northwest, but Road Scholar brings visitors from all over the U.S. and Canada. The economic impact of the Malheur Field Station’s visitors is dispersed Western-Meadowlarkthroughout Harney County, but may be felt most strongly in Burns, French Glen, Diamond, and Fields.

The Board of The Great Basin Society, Inc.

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